A simple step to become instantly more attractive

A simple step to become instantly more attractive


A simple step to become instantly more attractive

So, time to be honest for a second: I’m a sucker for fads.

Not only that, but as someone who has had to wear glasses for as long as I can remember, I have wasted a fair amount of time (and money!) on chasing the latest new products that promised to make my life better, to turn these face-dominating turn-offs into something more elegant, perhaps even something more… attractive.

I can’t deny there is a certain allure about the right pair of spectacles, a je ne sais quoi when tilted forward on the end of one’s nose.

But my reality was that - as someone with a list of insecurities I’d rather not go into here, plus a severely limited budget when it came to purchasing ANYTHING - I’d have to look for something slightly more…err… creative.

I now regret my time spent dropping my hard-earned pocket money on less-than-successful attempts to create a unique look – at an affordable price.

Especially as I’ve finally found that one simple accessory that’s not only unique, it really does make me look great!

Initially, I thought it would just be a bit of fun without expecting too much but, to my surprise….

It actually did what it promised!

Now, I’ll get to my discovery in just a second but first, let me tell you what to avoid!

All my sent-back items, all my years of faux-pas fashion statements - all these learnings that YOU can benefit from.

Simply put, people will constantly tell you that there is a pair of glasses to fit everyone. “It’s all in the shape of your head” they say; “Just mix and match, eventually one will work.”

Expensive mistake.

So, while people out there will try to match a specific shape of glasses to their head, or a lens shape to match the contours of their cheeks, the reality is that (at least for those on any sort of budget) there really aren’t that many options out there that will help you look great.

I’ve pawed through various magazines and tried on many different pairs but most have made me look like a throwback of Elton John at best; or something more questionably unattractive at worst.

So, I decided now was the time to find something totally new. Something that could add to my demeanour, rather than creating this – monster.

I headed to the web – surprise – but rather than dabble in searches for the same recommendations that had led me down paths I’d rather NEVER tread again, I decided to look for ways to make my eyes appear more attractive and – low and behold – I made my discovery…

Science suggests that the bigger someone’s eyes – or rather (we may as well get proper ‘science-y’ while we’re here) the darker the limbal ring (the area where the centre of your eye meets the white part) – the more attractive one can appear. 

New action: Forget glasses, find something to make my eyes look BIGGER.

And this is when I discovered contact lenses that could do just that. Now, contact lenses were an option before but I actually hated having to put them in and take them out each day and again, the expense of repeatedly changing them was something I didn’t want to have to bear for limited benefit.

Then, I tried lenses from Barbie Eyesland and… my world was turned upside down.

Not literally - my vision hadn’t taken a turn for the worse – but in trying this new product, I not only had something that could help me see, I also had a lens that truly magnified the size of my eyes and – TA DAH!! – also made me look great!

It kinda felt like magic. 

But, the more I read about this strange fact that larger eyes can magnify beauty, the more I realised this is physiology, not mythology.

And it’s not just odd blogs and strange internet searches that assert this point. In fact, a lot of respected publications share evidence-based research that backs it up.

As if this isn’t enough, I’m proud to say that I am now receiving compliments left, right and centre on my newfound allure. People can’t quite put their finger on it, but they say my eyes definitely have a new… sparkle.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you will be sceptical.

But the best thing about these products is you can buy just one set and if you don’t believe the hype, you’re barely out of pocket.

Then, once you’ve seen the magic, you can choose to buy one, three, ten, fifteen, or any number of sets - with better discounts the more you purchase meaning the lenses are not only an economical solution, but a real winner when it comes to showing off your eyes.

No more money down the drain - just a little secret tweak that will boost your look beyond all recognition!

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