How I achieved career success with contact lenses

How I achieved career success with contact lenses

I want desperately to succeed.  I want to have a good life for myself and to help my family.  I want to succeed at work and as a person.

My self-esteem went up and my life improved greatly when I began wearing cosmetic contact lenses from Barbie Eyesland ( 

My name is Sue.  Here’s my story.


Since I was a young child, I have always worked hard.  In school I worked hard to get good grades and to learn as much as I could.  While growing up, I was lucky to develop good study habits.  I was able to focus in on my studies.  Most of my friends enjoyed my success.  Sometimes I got teased because I was such a “book worm.”  I got compliments from my teachers.  My parents were proud of me.  My aunts and uncles gave me praise.  They told me I was a positive role model for my younger sisters and brothers and the other children in the extended family. 

I was proud of myself.  It was nice to get good grades.  I enjoyed the attention I got from my teachers.  And yet, there were things gnawing at me.  I was very critical about my appearance.  I did not like how I looked.  No matter how hard I tried, my hair and eyes never looked the way I wanted them to look.  My self-esteem was low.

Then I went to secondary school.  The same pattern continued for me.  I was a good student, I studied hard, I got good grades, and I brought pride to my family.  That was all very good.


But that self-critical part of me stayed with me.  I could not please myself in my appearance.  I spent time to fix my hair, but I was never happy with it.  I used eye make-up and that did not work for me.  Just like in my younger years, my eyes never looked the way I wanted them to look. 

Then, I got my first “real” job.  I was good at it.  I got positive reviews for my performance.  People liked me. 

But I still had that self-critical part going on.  So, this was my life.  I did good in school.  I was doing good at work.  But I did not like my appearance.

There was a girl at work I admired.  Her name was Sam, for Samantha.  I did not really know her too well because she was in another department.  But I would see her in the building.  She seemed to do good in her job.  The times I saw her, she seemed to have this “bounce” in her step.  She projected confidence and self-assurance.  I admired her because I lacked self-confidence and self-assurance. 

Even though I was admiring her confidence, my own self-confidence was not so good.  Although I recognized that I was doing ok at work, I did not feel confident “inside of myself” as a person.  Looking back, these feelings were connected to being self-critical about my appearance.  I was spending money on beauty products to enhance the appearance of my eyes and my hair, but nothing was working for me.  That little voice in my head kept going off, “Gee, your appearance is not so good.”

Then, and I can remember this vividly.  I bumped into Sam and we both acknowledged that we knew of each other, but that we had never even had lunch together or sat down to talk.

So, we had lunch.  It was nice to finally break the ice with a new person.  We chatted easily. I wanted to tell her that I admired her confidence, but I did not have the courage to do that.  Because our lunch was so pleasant, we decided to do lunch again the next week.

At this next lunch, I had worked up my nerve and I told her that I admired her confidence.

Sam told me that she did have confidence in her life now, but it was not always that way for her.  She told me of her low self-esteem and her lack of self-assurance.  She said it had been a problem for her in school and at work.  Her turning point, she said, was when she began wearing cosmetic contact lenses from Barbie Eyesland (

Sam told me that before she began wearing the contact lenses, she used to have self-confidence issues because she also was critical of herself.

She told me that she remembered the first time she wore the cosmetic contact lenses.  She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw.  She saw that her eyes were sparkling and that made her feel good about herself.  She loved it.


That day at work someone said that her eyes seemed bright and shining, in a good way. 

I was so excited by what Sam told me that I decided to follow her path.  So, I began using

cosmetic contact lenses from BarbieEyesLand (

Wearing these contact lenses changed my life.  I loved looking at my eyes in the mirror.  Instead of thinking I was an ugly duckling, I now say to myself, “Heh, you’re looking great today.”

I began wearing the cosmetic contact lenses everywhere.  I stopped putting myself down about my appearance.  My self-confidence has increased.   I think I must be smiling more because more of my co-workers are smiling at me.  My boss noticed the change in me, with increased self-confidence, and he told me that this would help my career.  

Now I know that eyes matter, and my self-confidence from BarbieEyesland has drastically changed my life for the better.