I stare at myself even more when I have my color contact lens on because I can't believe how my gaze became so mesmerizing.

As you may notice, I'm all about that cool girl look with my outfit; but who say only sweet girls wear color contact lens? It makes sweet girls cuter, and it makes me look cooler too!

I don't have eyesight problem, I do occasionally wear colored contact lens for cosmetic purposes, because why not right? It makes me look a little like Eurasian somehow! 😆

Why Barbie Eyesland?

Choosing the right contact lens is very important, and these are the elements that I would consider before purchasing any color contact lens:

1. Comfort

Bear in mind girls, comfort level above all, of whether if it fits your pupil, will it dry up your eyes because you have to wear it for up to 8 hours.

Personally, I have tried contact lens that doesn't fit my pupil, it's very awkward because most of the time 30% my vision was being covered.

However, comfort experience is very personal, you have to try it to tell your own.

2. Trusted Seller

Read user's review, it is convenient to access on their own website or social media.
And do not forget to check the seller's credibility, I'm glad to find that Barbie Eyesland was founded for about 5 years and had various good reviews.

3. The look that you want to achieve

I personally prefer natural look, some contact lens with huge diameter makes me looks cartoonish which I don't like.
I like how Barbie Eyesland conveniently categorize each contact lens with diameter as well, ranging from 14 - 16.5mm.

How to Order

This is my first time purchasing color contact lens online, I always made my purchase from optical shop previously.

Fret not, the order process was really easy peasy. 
They listed the step by step here and even made videos to show you how to order using mobile and desktop.

And a thumb up given to the speed of delivery, I got my parcel 2 days after I placed the order online.

Do not forget to apply discount code too, save more when you buy more.

What's in the box?

I'm all about grey color contact lens, because it fits my preference on achieving natural look, but I was being adventure and trying out brown color this round too.

  1. Oh My Darling GREY 15mm
  2. Oh My Pearl BROWN 14mm
  3. Oh My Moon GREY 14.5mm

Barbie Eyesland was really kind, 3 contact lens case was given complimentary, look how cute is the Oreo contact lens case.

These contact lens come in sealed bottle, one piece of contact lens per bottle, and we are supposed to soak it in contact lens solution for at least 6 hours before wearing it.

My Kind of Cool Girl Look with Barbie Eyesland Oh My Darling GREY 15mm

From afar: I like how it softened my gaze but I can still maintain my strong cool look.
Close up: It instantly brighten up my eyes.

Overall, I am pretty happy with the contact lens I got from Barbie Eyesland, even my eyes were a bit dry because I slept late the night before, but it is still quite comfortable to wear on a 4 hours day out.
And color contact lens is definitely an important fashion accessories to level up your daily look.

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