Look Ma! I have Grey eyes

Look Ma! I have Grey eyes


Hello! I’m so thankful that I had the chance to review these little ones *and they arrived just in time before my event day I have always been a fan of colored lenses. I have perfect eyesight
but that doesn’t mean that I can’t put on colored lenses. I have used colored lenses in the past before trying out these from barbieeyesland.my  I usually only use colored contact lenses when I have an event to attend or when I have a job (yes, I do freelance jobs too like ushering) I tend to find that wearing contact lenses gives me that confidence boost and makes me look prettier. LOL. The Mr. doesn’t really like it when I put on contact lenses, he says I look like Ju-On *I am blessed with fairly huge eyes actually, thank you Mama which such huge eyeballs, I used to wear 17.5mm  and since he doesn’t really like it, I’ve switched to 14-15mm so that I will look more natural. *17.5mm will be used when I’m not with him, LOL 
I exceptionally find grey eyes very mesmerizing, which is why I have a lot of grey coloured contact lenses. I ordered 3 from barbieeyesland.my too! I loved how easy it is to order from the barbieeyesland.my  Website. Upon entering the website, you will feel like you want every contact lens they have. Lol. Because every photo is just so mesmerizing. There are so many different brands of contact lenses in the market A good pair of lens should not make you feel uncomfortable by getting dry when worn on long hours *we are talking 8-10 hours a day I have tried many brands and barbieeyesland.my are among the best! To make it better these lenses are affordable too, ranging from RM25 to RM35 per pair, with free delivery. The lenses from barbieeyesland.my are certified safe. Oh yes, just to remind you, these are monthly disposable contact lenses! 


Design 4/5 > Lens designs is beautiful, just the way I liked it. 


Packaging 5/5 > I love their packaging most; receiving their package will surely make you smile.


Colour 5/5 > I love their grey colors lenses, so mesmerizing.


Enlargement 4/5 > For those I got to review it was great, but like I said  prefer those 18mm’s ones. Lol


Comfort 4/5 > Their lenses are really fine, but I know I have very sensitive eyes, by the 6th hour my eyes would have turned reddish. Lol. Not their fault, entirely my eyes fault.



 Source: https://gaylenhong.blogspot.my/2017/07/look-ma-i-have-grey-eyes.html