Natural Eyes x Barbies Eyesland

Natural Eyes x Barbies Eyesland

Hello, Unicorns!

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c5f28f85e39ddfa8c191193106b0e6a1.jpgDo you wear color contact lenses? I don’t because I have tried color lens few years back and all my friends say I look like Aliens. 1. diameter of the lens was too big 2. the colors were too fake. But lately, I found this brand – Barbie Eyesland! They have different ranges, colors, and diameter to choose from. Most importantly, THEY HAVE THE MOST NATURAL COLOR!

I have different powers for both of my eyes (Right 600, Left 400). Their products come in a pair with the same power, so I have to pick the product in pairs. I got 2 pairs of Oh My Lolly Brown 14mm and 2 pairs of Oh My Moon GREY 14.5mm. 

14mm and 14.5mm is just nice for my eyeshape. The size they have are up to 16.5mm but I think those are too big and I will look like Alien! 

As you can see from pictures above, Oh My Lolly Brown is VERY VERY VERY natural as if I wasn’t wearing any colored lens, but the color is good enough to add in some natural blur effect to my black eyes! While for the Oh My Moon GREY it gives me the “angmo look” haha! Both are the natural color which I can wear it out without applying makeup (back in those days when I first tried colored lens, I have to wear makeup or else my eyes will look listless).



1. Colors are really natural. My eyes are not solid black, but after wearing this it makes my eyes looking more natural! 29da900d1f53ae1e16614d1c53414f82.png

2. If is not drying (quality considered quite good for the price they are selling!) 29da900d1f53ae1e16614d1c53414f82.png

3. Various colors and size to pick from! 29da900d1f53ae1e16614d1c53414f82.png

4. SUPER FAST DELIVERY. I oredered on 4th evening (8pm), and I received the parcel on 6th ! P/S: They promised 2-3 days delivery! 29da900d1f53ae1e16614d1c53414f82.png

4. One drawback to me is that they do not have color lenses with astig. I’m having 175 astig power on both of my eyes. I converted my power (+/- on the power), so I can’t drive or read on projector from far if I’m wearing these lenses as these are not the perfect power for my eyes a1d72866568604d629e9873a770fd7e6


You can check out what they offer on their website (the interface is very user-friendly!). Remember to visit their Instagram page to see more pictures before deciding which color to go for (this is where I picked these 2 colors hehe!)

My Direct Purchased link:

Oh My Moon GREY:

Oh My Moon GREY 14.5mm

Oh My Lolly Brown: 

Oh My Lolly Brown 14mm


 Grab yours now!