Hello peeps. I’m so sad, wearing a specs make me look older than my age! So Now I’m decide to wear contact lens .  More mature more pretty! I think using a colorless lens look boring , so I’m think about a color lens but I do prefer brown or black. Malay skin doesn’t suitable with blue or green and purple. I have try this 3 color before and I look so weird -_-.  However the color lens seem expensive huhu. 1 pair almost RM60 and above. FUhhhhh luckily I found Contact Lens website that offer a cheaper and safety lens . That website called Barbie Eyesland . Barbie Eyesland sells contact lens with variety of design and size. 

Barbie Eyesland cosmetic contact lenses are a perfect way of adding romance to a romantic date! Having these cosmetic contact lenses on adds a more classy finish to an already chosen outfit. These lenses have a natural effect rather than having to look so exaggerated which might make the entire look quite out of place.Their diameter choices range from 14mm to 16.5mm. And the price from RM25 – RM30 per pair! OMG cheap right? Yes there are. So faster go and visit their website to purchase your new lens. Don’t worries, they have a certificate that their lens is safe to use. Not harmful to your eyes. Safe and Cheap! 


The packaging itself is so pretty with flower design, you never imagine this is RM25 – RM30! At back of the packaging they tell how to use and store your lens properly without getting damage. Barbie lens will give you free contact lens cases.I got Oreo design! So cute.


As they offer a lot of design ,color and size you may browse for 2 hours just to pick your favorite. For me,this is bargain deal, you can change your lens when ever you want. I pick brown and black with 14 mm for myself. However, after my lens arrived, I regard because 14mm is too small for my eye ball. You can’t see any difference in my picture. >_<.Next time I'm going to try out 15 mm and 16 mm lenses.



BTW I'm wearing the Natural Black RM25/PAIR  from Barbie Eyesland. The moment I put this contact lens in my eyes I feel comfortable and for me it last for 8 hour only. If I wear more than 8 hours , my eyes start drying. The natural black cosmetic contact lenses enhance your realistic dark ambiance to your eyes. The natural black feel is designed not to entirely cover the color of your true eyes but to seamlessly blend to give a shimmering effect. These contact lenses are suitably created for fashion purpose and being naturally black means they can easily blend with just any kind of fashion sense!


As the website doesn’t show the actual design of lens, just show the model that wear lenses you may 50% agak-agak which one suitable for you. The brown color you want maybe different once you received the parcel. Please don’t fell disappointed. As it only RM25.00 just may purchase how many you want. The lenses usually last for 1 month. But I do consider to use 3 weeks. If because hygiene purpose.For more info visit  Barbie
Facebook Page: @BarbieEyesland
Instagram: @eyesland_lens