Shannon Barbie Eyesland Contact Lens | Beauty

Shannon Barbie Eyesland Contact Lens | Beauty

Are you a person that prefers wearing spectacles or contact lens? As for me, I am both. I prefer to wear spectacles when I am in University as well as whenever I spend time with my family. Whereas when it comes to event, outing or special occasion, then I will go with contact lenses. 

I have tried both daily and monthly contact lenses. Daily are obviously more pricey than monthly, but sometimes you would still feel that it is expensive. So why waste money on contact lenses that doesn’t brings your fullest potential in looks, comfort along with the price worth. Let me introduce to you Barbie Eyesland contact lenses. Their lenses are made from Korea. 

  • Wearing Oh My Crystal Blue 

I have recently gotten myself 3 pairs of contact lenses, 2 grey and 1 blue. After wearing them, my eyes aren’t as dry as before, I do not need to apply eye drops every 2/3 hours. It instantly brightens up my eye and makes it look bigger.

There are a variety of styles and colours to choose from. There’s too many till the extend that I have to go through their website for one whole day before deciding which lens to get. I realize majority of their colours are Black, Greyand Brown. But not to worry, they have other colours as well such as Blue andPurple. They have different sizes to choose from, 14mm, 14.5mm, 15mm, 16mm and, 16.5mm. 

Do you know what is my favourite part about this brand? It is their lenses because firstly they’re comfy also the price is reasonable. The price ranges from RM25 – RM30 per pair! Each pair of their contact lenses are for 3 months usage. 

If my contact lenses runs out, would I purchase it again? Yes, I would! This is because Barbie Eyesland products are selling at a price that’s worth buying for quality products. Not to mention, they provide free delivery throughout Malaysia. It would made things so convinient for many. One last thing, each pair of contact lenses comes with a free lens casing. They even added in sweets in the parcel to sweeten up your day!  

Once again, thank you Barbie Eyesland for the products. 




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