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Love at first sight

 If this is the first time you've landed on this page we wanted to use it as a space to tell you a bit more about us and our business. Barbie Eyesland was started in April 2012. A true start up, the company was created from scratch from a bedroom in Penang, Malaysia. Since then, Barbie Eyesland has become a regional recognised brand, loved by consumers for our five core brand values, these being:

Integrity – be real
Premium Quality - offering only the best
Bold Design - evoking emotion and inspiration, always
Passion – committed in heart and mind
Affordable Luxury - everyone should be able to buy Barbie Eyesland

Barbie Eyesland specialise in creating contact lenses, solutions and accessories that have professional quality at an attainable price point. Loved by industry experts and every day beauty consumers alike, the brand has become a go-to for many customers worldwide who connect with our core values and who our products really resonate with.

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Barbie Eyesland was the realisation of dreams, passions, love and care.
That is the goal that drives me to this day

 CEO OF Barbie Eyesland

Quality First

How we come to success

Barbie Eyesland Collections is fiercely independent and that's one of the reasons we believe we're very different from other corporate contact lenses brands. So far We've gone from a bedroom start up in Penang to a regional recognised contact lens brand. Barbie Eyesland is always seeking for better designs to add color to customers eye color palette. The smallest details are what completes the look. Little details such as contact lens could transform the whole look. Find out more about Barbie Eyesland by following us in Instagram & Facebook









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