Agent Membership Fee

Membership Fee: Rm50

Earn 4 to 5 figures a month !!

Top Drop shipper per month earning over Rm10K++
Agent / Drop shipper Profit Margin up to 50%

How to be Agent / Drop shipper :

Step 1

Add this to cart, Make payment for Rm50 Agent Fee

Step 2.

Whatsapp order number to 011-33333010

We send you a list of Agent discount code to be use at our website & you can start selling & collecting orders


How to order / drop ship :

Step 1

Go to Barbie Eyesland Website, Choose the lens that your customer wants,

Step 2

Fill in your Email + Customer address, Key in Agent code for discount, make payment. Tracking number will be emailed to your email.

*All orders will be shipped out the same or next working day. Exclude weekends and public holidays.



*Minimum 3 orders per month

If consecutive 2 month without hitting 3 orders

Agent membership will be auto canceled

*Barbie Eyesland Lens must NOT be advertise lower than current official Barbie Eyesland website selling price.

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