Indigo and Lithospermi Radix Eye Pack

  • Mixed with gromwell root extract and indigo extract, which are ingredients famous for their anti-aging effects. Tightens the sags and dullness under the eyes and on the eye bags for a concentrated care.
  • A pack dedicated for the area around the eyes to treat saggy eye bags and glazed eyes! Contains rich amounts of indigo and gromwell root essence, which are natural ingredients that tighten the skin!
  • Get a healthy look by tightening the skin around your eyes! All you need to do is apply the purple-colored pack around your eyes, and peel them off once dried.
  • Combines "Iris" and "argireline", which are ingredients developed in France, the international authority in beauty products, to provide total care for the skin around the eyes.
  • Volume: 1oz (30g)

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