Rohto Lycee Contact Eye Drops 8ml for contact lens users

Product description

ROHTO Lycee 8ml is eye lotion gives moisture to the surface of the eyes. Soft, hard, O2, disposable and all contact lenses can be used. Also can be used after other lens fitting in discomfort and eye fatigue, they removed the pupil does not have lens and lens. Free angle nozzles can be eye drops smoothly anywhere at any time. Can eye drops at any angle, it is useful.



Precautions for use

To consult

  1. The following people who prior to use physician or pharmacist consult.

(1) People have received medical treatment

(2) A person or a family allergic people.

(3) People have had allergic symptoms by drug

(4) People with the following symptoms. Extreme eye pain

(5) Who received the following diagnosis. Glaucoma


  1. When: immediately cease using this manual, consult your doctor or pharmacist.

(1) If the following symptoms occur after use,

Irritation and rash, redness, itchy eyes and hyperemia, itching, swelling

(2) If blurred vision has not improved

(3) If doesn't improve the symptoms two weeks in use

* Hold the side of the vessel and open the CAP. Holding the center of the container when you open, and not chemical.

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